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Establish in 2017 by Asst. Prof. Er. Pawan Kumar Karna (College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Science, Kathmandu, Nepal)

to provide quality accredited Engineering Services in the Field of Biomedical Engineering/Research Labs etc.


  1. Equipment Repair and Maintenance.
  2. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services.
  3. Hospital all kinds of Hepa Filter supply and installation.
  4. Instrument NABL/PBES Calibration and validation Services with NIST Traceability (Globally Recognized)
  5. Hospital and Research Lab quality accredited ISO certification services.
  6. Walking Puff panel big BOD incubator design supply and installation.
  7. Cold chain room design/supply and installation.
  8. Digital big Room incubator 37 deg design, supply and Installation.
  9. Big Room Humidity Chamber with climate control (cooling/heating/humidity/light/UV) design supply and installation.
  10. Clean air hepa filtration big room design, supply and installation.
  11. -ve pressure hepa filtration system room design supply and installation for air borne diseases.
  12. Agriculture Tunnel hepa filter system supply and installation.
  13. Mushroom Lab hepa filter system supply and installation.
  14. Lab design and setup / all kinds of engineering services.
  15. OT laminar Hepa filter system design supply and installation.
Asst. Prof. Er. Pawan Kumar Karna
Asst. Prof. Er. Pawan Kumar Karna CEO & Founder

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Anamnagar, Near Bigmart /Music Nepal office

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