We provide all kinds of Biomedical Equipments, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Services. Design and Setup of Hospital Lab, Scientific Lab, Research Lab, Installation Support, Operational Training Support, Maintenance Support, Calibration Services, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
and all kinds of BME Consultancy Service etc.
Asst. Prof. Er. Pawan Kumar Karna
Asst. Prof. Er. Pawan Kumar Karna CEO & Founder


To provide engineering support and services of biomedical & lab equipment, scientific instrument, significant proportion in facilitating and promoting better health care services in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pathological Labs, conducting research studies in biomedical and scientific fields.

Minor and most usable spare parts in stock for emergency support.

Trained engineers more than 45 manufacturers from 8 countries.

Emergency services for breakdown maintenance support & services.

We are providing technical support for instrument operation, safety handling, product inspection, quality test, servicing and maintenance, sales services, technical report preparation, monitoring the performance, team work, Hospital Lab, Scientific Lab design and setup, AMC services, Hepa Filter System Design, Installation, Maintenance, Validation, Calibration etc.