Hepa Filter In Nepal

We have 16 yrs experience for Installing HEPA Filtration Systems in Nepal Hospitals and Medical Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Clean Rooms, Microbiology labs, Operation Theater of Hospitals , Clean air, Bio-safety Room , Culture Room, Hospital Isolation Ward, IVF Lab, Biotechnology Lab , Vaccine Production and Processing Lab, Packaging Room , Agriculture Clean air Room, air purification, stage filtration, Hepa air purifier, carbon filter etc.

HEPA filtration is almost 99.99% of effective increased pollution clean air delivery rate at removing airborne contaminants of 0.3 microns or larger, including dust, pollen, fibers, bacteria, viruses, fungi, tiny contaminants that can get into the air and cause disease and discomfort. HEPA with high purification technology. Filtration systems can also remove many airborne contaminants that are smaller than 0.3 microns with 99.99% efficiency with H13 and H14 class of Hepa Filtration System.

1) New Hepa Filtration System Design, Supply and Installation :- +Ve / –Ve air flow System Design for various homes and offices, indoor air pollutanthospital isolation ward, operation theaters , clean rooms, microbiology, bacteriology, virology Labs

2) Hepa Filter Replacement and Validation Services:-

  • Laminar Airflow Hepa Filter replacement:- H13 99.97% Efficiency, H14 99.99% Efficiency
  • Clean Air Bench:- H13 (99.97% Efficiency), H14( 99.99% Efficiency)
  • Bio-safety Cabinet Class II Types :- A1 ,A2, B1, B2, C: Main and Exhaust Hepa Filter H13 & H14 99.99% Efficiency
  • Clean Air Room +Ve and –Ve air flow hepa filter :- H13 99.97% Efficiency, H14 99.99% Efficiency

3) Hepa Filter Test and Validation Services:-

  • Air inflow Velocity / Down flow Velocity / Hepa filter Particle Counter Test / Smoke pattern test of airflow / air quality monitoring / ISO Classification of Clean air System / micro organisms /  negative ions / activated carbon / purifies the air / pollution level / Some Special test HEPA Integrity test (Optional) etc.

Hospital Hepa Filter System Unit/Covid 19 – Readymade Unit From Manufacturer India. (-VE PRESSURE/+VE PRESSURE/UNIVERSAL TYPE)

Model:- ABT-NEGHEPAUV-36*26

  1. Hepa Filter H14 ,99.995% efficiency-1pc
  2. Pre filter efficiency EU4/MERV 8 (5 micron) -1 pc
  3. Fine filter Efficiency -95%
  4. Centrifugal Pump 1000 cfm-1pc
  5. Mild Steel Powder Coated Readymade Housing -1pc
  6. Base Wheel with Lock-yes
  7. Airflow Controller-2pc
  8. UV Germicidal Sterilization lamp Inbuilt- 2 pc
  9. Aluminum Ready-made flexible duct from manufacturer – 2 pc
  10. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 500VA, 220v-1pc
  11. Installation with Electrical Wiring-1 time
  12. AC Power 220v ,500 VA max.
  13. Certification and Validation Charges-1 time


The patient’s rooms are protected by -ve pressure hepa filter system is installed which protects from covid 19 spread in hospital. This is the main reason that no staff is infected by covid 19 in NPHL and in other hospitals we have seen that doctors, nurses, staff are infected from covid 19 because -ve pressure hepa filter system is not installed in Isolation Ward.

In COVID19  lab Extraction room and Reagent preparation room must have – ve pressure hepa filter system must be installed – Ve pressure hepa filter for Lab Person Safety otherwise lab person may attack by CoronaVirus

for supply and installation contact us

we have already installed in some COVID19 labs in Kathmandu


  1. 50% Payment in advance for order confirmation.
  2. 50 % payment after completion of work .
  3. online shopping.
  4. Vat bill will be provided and 13% vat will be extra
  5. One year Service Warranty on Hepa Filter, Centrifugal Pump.
  6. Air conditioner /False Ceiling /Partition of room/GI Ducting/SS Ducting/Painting/ Construction cost / pollutant present etc is not included on quotation and will be charged extra as per actual or should be arranged by customer.
Hepa Filter In Nepal
FOR BIG ROOM SIZE :- 12x12 or 15x15/ max 200 sq ft
hepa filter nepal
FOR BIG ROOM SIZE :- 12x12 or 15x15/ max 200 sq ft

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